Sell Your Home With Confidence

Home inspections have always been driven by a buyer. When done this way, unfortunately, the homeowner usually receives a list of repairs and inflated estimates from the buyer. This order of process has always caused frustration for all parties, including the agents. If the order is reversed, the seller initiates the inspection, allowing the owner/seller to make repairs or collect accredited/solid cost estimates for all anticipated deficiencies. Brilliant Idea!!!

Why is This Option Not Taken Seriously By More Listing Agents and Home Sellers?

•Unknown Cost & Benefit Ratio to the Home Owner: Cost savings could be substantial. Cost estimates from unknown contractors are always over stated and inflated. If repairs are needed, your PHI home inspector will guarantee the work is done to specifications and at a fair market price;
•Agents are unaware of the Marketing Power of their Listings Being Pre-inspected: If I were an agent, I would request all my listings to have a seller’s inspection. Other agents with buyers would then know that my listings are not going to have surprises typically associated with a home inspection, and we just need to agree on the price! It will also validate the asking price, or help the owner to realize that repairs need to be performed or the price needs to be lowered;
•The Seller or Homeowner thinks that nothing major is wrong with the Home: As an inspector, I have heard a seller say that “I have lived here for 15 years and nothing is wrong with my home.” Home owners do not realize the many areas they have never seen before could have problems (attic, chimneys, under floor spaces, wiring, water intrusion, etc.).

What are the Benefits?

•For a listing to “stand out” among a saturated market, it needs to catch the buyer’s attention. The two most effective ways to do that is price and value. In order to determine the price, one must look at the value first. Here is where a home inspection performed prior to listing can justify its price and provide buyer confidence when compared to homes listed without a guaranteed home inspection report;
•The seller’s inspection program positions you upstream from the rest of the listings and listing agents. The listing agent and home seller who performs a pre-listing inspection immediately cuts-off his competitor before the purchasing agent / buyer considers to inspect that home. The inspection report is transferable to the buyer. PHI will stand behind the report by providing a thorough walk through with the buyer to discuss all findings addressed in the Inspection report.

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